Congress is Dysfunctional

I was a Republican most of my adult life.  But I have become disillusioned with the extreme partisanship in Washington and the role that special interests, big corporations, and powerful elites play in both parties.  The resulting dysfunction and obstruction harms our country, damages our economy – including here in Alaska – and erodes confidence in our democratic institutions.  People don’t trust Washington because Washington no longer works for them.  Congress and the political parties’ priorities are to keep themselves in power and keep the special interests happy.  These concerns have motivated me to run as an Independent.  

We Need Independents to Break the Political Gridlock

If we want our government to work as the Framers of our Constitution intended, we must restore a national sense of purpose and create a strong economy that works for Alaska and the rest of the country, while always protecting our civil and political liberties.  A functional Congress is essential to achieving these goals.  As an Independent, I am not beholden to any political party nor any corporate or special interest. I will advance reasonable, rational, pragmatic solutions to the systemic problems that are threatening our country.  I will seek out and advocate for the best ideas – regardless of which party they come from – to help solve our nation’s pressing problems.  With independent leadership we can again make Washington work for Alaska and the country.

I Am Honored to Be Endorsed by the Centrist Project

The Centrist Project is the leading national organization working to break the partisan hold on the U.S. Senate by electing independent, centrist Senators to bring common-sense, effective leadership to Washington.  In a recent announcement, the Project’s founder, Charles Wheelan, stated:

“The Centrist Project believes that a handful of Independent Senators – like Margaret Stock – committed to solving problems and good governance, who are fiscally responsible, socially tolerant, and environmentally responsible can break through the gridlock and become the moderating force to get things done in Congress.”

I appreciate the Centrist Project’s support and endorsement.  

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