Alaska Dispatch News
By Erica Martinson
August 12, 2016

Margaret Stock arrived at the Division of Elections in Anchorage at 10 a.m. Friday with a thick stack of papers containing, she said, twice the number of signatures required to get on the November ballot as an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Stock said she collected the roughly 5,700 signatures across the state, hitting the Golden Days festival in Fairbanks and campaigning near her cabin in McCarthy on the Fourth of July. She gathered signatures in Haines, Soldotna, Homer and Ketchikan, among other places, and plans to visit more supporters in Barrow and across the state soon. Some people stopped in at her law firm in Anchorage to sign the petition, Stock said.

To get on the general election ballot as an independent — a process that bypasses the primary system — the state requires 2,854 signatures from registered Alaska voters.


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