Oil and Gas Development is Essential to Alaska’s Economy

Responsible oil and gas development will remain a cornerstone of Alaska’s economy.  To support broader long term growth, we must also diversify our energy sources, encourage renewable energy development, and improve our energy efficiency.  As an Independent, I will work with both Democrats and Republicans to open the limited areas of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that are needed to conduct responsible oil and gas development.  I will also support the continued responsible development of NPR-A.  

Renewable Energy

Alaska is also rich in renewable energy resources.  We must support hydroelectric, geothermal, wind and solar projects in the many situations where it is environmentally responsible to do so.  We also need to investigate creative energy sources such as submersible hydrokinetic turbines, ground source heat pumps and diesel-renewable hybrid energy systems.  Through the University of Alaska and innovative local businesses, Alaska can expand its growing expertise in energy engineering and development in Northern climates.   

Reducing Alaska’s High Energy Costs

Reducing Alaska’s high energy costs, particularly in rural areas, will require the combined efforts of local communities, the State of Alaska, and the Federal Government.  As Alaska’s Senator, I will support funding for projects that will expand the energy generation options for remote communities and provide technical expertise to increase energy efficiencies in those communities.  

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