September 6, 2016

Margaret Stock, Independent candidate for the U.S. Senate, responded to the news today that former Tea Party candidate Joe Miller had entered the U.S. Senate race. “Miller’s entry puts the entire race up in the air,” she said.

Stock said, “It is true that he was popular enough six years ago (in 2010) to beat Murkowski in the Republican Primary Election, yet many Alaskans had serious problems with him regarding questions about his judgment and ethics. He lied about inappropriately accessing Fairbanks North Star Borough office computers and then lied about what he was doing with those computers.”

The story received national press and CBS News covered it along with Alaskan media.

Miller was involved in a serious breach of First Amendment rights when his personal security guards handcuffed a reporter who was attempting to ask Miller a question about those ethic charges at a public campaign event in an Anchorage middle school. The Tea Party candidate never apologized for his actions either. The Huffington Post covered the First Amendment breach.

He has had frequent tirades against federal aid programs, which he believes are unconstitutional, yet he received farm subsidies throughout the 1990s for a farm he owned in Kansas.

And Miller’s own wife received unemployment compensation after questions of nepotism arose because she was serving as his assistant when Miller was a part-time magistrate in Fairbanks.

Stock said, “I do not expect those moderates and Democrats who chose the lesser of two evils last time and decided to support Lisa in 2010 will do that this time around. I expect them to support me.”

She said, “Lisa flip-flopped within 24 hours on whether the Senate should hold a hearing and vote on the SCOTUS nomination. Originally she was quoted as saying that she believe President Obama should be allowed to bring his nomination forward, but then she changed her mind 24 hours later and she decided that she would not give the President the respect he is due to choose a new Supreme Court Justice.”

Lisa has twice voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement health care plan on the table.

“I do not consider Ray Metcalfe a serious contender in this race,” Stock said, “He has no campaign staff, has not filed an FEC report on any money raised, has not launched a viable campaign, and he is not supported by the Alaska Democratic Party.”

She added, “I am the logical choice for the majority of voters in Alaska who want an Independent Senator, someone who will support Alaska, and someone who will not be subservient to party politics.”

Stock spent 28 years in the Army Reserve and has lived in Alaska for more than 30 years. She graduated from the Army War College and taught at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Stock also graduated from both the Kennedy School of Government and the Harvard Law School. She is recognized nationally as an expert on immigration law and national security.